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Version History

04.02.2024 - Version 3.1.9

Version 3.1.9:
- Bugfixes. Map was not shown.

24.01.2024 - Version 3.1.8

Version 3.1.8:
- Prepared for Android 14
- bugfixes
- Min Android version is now Android 8.
- New libraries

18.03.2023 - Version 3.1.7

Version 3.1.7:
- Bugfixes
- NP Main
- Libraries updated
- Log files, GCM log files and tracking files are now stored in the "internal memory". These cannot be seen via a file manager or other apps and must therefore be exported via the app.

09.03.2023 - Version 3.1.6

Version 3.1.6:
- Bugfixes
- Google Map was blank
- NP in Geofence
- NP Worker
- removed Asserts

08.03.2023 - Version 3.1.5

Version 3.1.5:
- Repaired false positives
- To send clear text over HTTP is insecure and Android disabled it in Android 6 or higher, with the option to turn it on. So better use encrypted traffic over HTTPS! For compatibility I turned it on again.

06.03.2023 - Version 3.1.4

Version 3.1.4:
- Repaired Tasker call

01.03.2023 - Version 3.1.3

Version 3.1.3:
- New dependency 1.6.7 for JavaMail

28.02.2023 - Version 3.1.2

Version 3.1.2:
- The app runs from version Android 5.0
- According to documentation, Apps from Android-10 will not be able to turn Wi-Fi OFF/ON in the background
- Bluetooth on/off the background from Android 13 no longer allowed from Google. Therefore removed.
- Instead of the device ID, an Android ID is now generated. The device ID must no longer be used. The variables Android-ID and Device-ID are equated
- All files written by the app are located at ../documents/egigeozone
- Enabling/Disabling Wifi in the Background is not anymore allowed. Works only with Android smaller or equal Version 9
- Enabling/Disabling Bluetooth in the Background is not any more allowed. Works only with Android smaller or equal Version 11

09.01.2019 - Version 2.8.0

Version 2.8.0:
- Repaired Google Geofencing

20.12.2018 - Version 2.7.9

Version 2.7.9:
- Bug introduced in last update: Although sending SMS in the background was disabled, it was still tried and was acknowledged with an error.
- Tip: Open all your zones and just save them!

16.12.2018 - Version 2.7.8

Version 2.7.8:
- Downgrade: Sending SMS in the background prohibited by Google
- Also set up notification channels

24.03.2018 - Version 2.7.7

Version 2.7.7:
- Bugfixing: Error at import

09.03.2018 - Version 2.7.6

Version 2.7.6:
- Bug fixing: If the fallback server was used, the name of the fallback server profile was used instead of the zone name

02.03.2018 - Version 2.7.5

Version 2.7.5:
- The following variables are now also provided to the EgiGeoZone Telegram Plugin:

08.01.2018 - Version 2.7.4

Version 2.7.4:
- When a server profile with a tracking url is selected, then a hint to start tracking is shown

25.11.2017 - Version 2.7.3

Version 2.7.3:
- When using GCM, do not ask for "Get Accounts" permission anymore
- Bugfixing

05.11.2017 - Version 2.7.2

Version 2.7.2:
- Add profiles directly from zone settings
- Server retrys limited to 5
- New Pathsense API

08.10.2017 - Version 2.7.1

Version 2.7.1:
- Bugfixing: Plugins were called even the conditions were not true.

24.09.2017 - Version 2.7.0

Version 2.7.0:
- Sound and media sound now separate adjustable

23.09.2017 - Version 2.6.9

Version 2.6.9:
- Repaired Export to GDrive and others for Android 8

07.09.2017 - Version 2.6.8

Version 2.6.8:
- Main menu: show all Geozones on map.

26.08.2017 - Version 2.6.7

Version 2.6.7:
- Updated Pathsense lib

13.08.2017 - Version 2.6.6

Version 2.6.6:
- Ignore false reports now for Pathsense also
- Request ignore battery optimizations
- Bugfixing

17.06.2017 - Version 2.6.5

Version 2.6.5:
- Bugfixing

01.06.2017 - Version 2.6.4

Version 2.6.4:
- Technische Info anzeigen
- Bugfixing

22.05.2017 - Version 2.6.3

Version 2.6.3:
- Test for "More actions"
- Better notification for "Do Not Disturb"
- Bugfixing

13.05.2017 - Version 2.6.2

Version 2.6.2:
- Bugfixing for "Do not disturb" notification

11.05.2017 - Version 2.6.1

Version 2.6.1:
- Only for developers: Introduced ContentProvider for getting the zone names from the main app. Useful in plugins.
- Multimedia sound can be muted now
- Experimental: Test Geofencing for false positives (Google only) and do not execute event if false.
- Bugfixing:
+ Retrys for Android 7+

08.03.2017 - Version 2.1.9

Version 2.1.9:
- Bugfix: Start/Stop vibration
- Sends the zone names, when requested by Plugins

09.02.2017 - Version 2.1.8

Version 2.1.8:
- Changed text from sticky notification
- Added Privacy Policy

04.02.2017 - Version 2.1.7

Version 2.1.7:
- Fixed export/import tracking settings
- Configurable permanent notification
- Improved Dutch language. Thanks Paul!

24.01.2017 - Version 2.1.6

Version 2.1.6:
- New encryption algorithm used at export/import, because Google removed the old one with Android 7+.
If you import an older export file, you have to reenter your passwords in the server and email profiles, because the encrypting algoritm has changed!

17.01.2017 - Version 2.1.5

Version 2.1.5:
- Email can now use TLS (STARTTLS)

09.01.2017 - Version 2.1.4

Version 2.1.4:
- Fixed Tasker variable names
- New strategy for asking permissions

01.12.2016 - Version 2.1.3

Version 2.1.3:
- Bugfixing

11.11.2016 - Version 2.1.2

Version 2.1.2:
- Base colors can now be customized (Settings --> Colors)
- Moved accuracy in special Dialog
- Android 7: Ask for the "Do not Disturb" permission. Needed for sound on/off

19.10.2016 - Version 2.1.1

Version 2.1.1:
- Bugfixing

16.10.2016 - Version 2.1.0

Version 2.1.0:


- New modern material design
- Introduced Live Tracking
- For the detection of GeoZones next to Google, you can now use an alternative method called PathSense. PathSense is a proprietary development from and is seen as a kind of competition to Google. Try to switch from on e to the other to see which is better for your location.
- In the list of zones you can now see the distance (air line) to the zones. Swipe down to refresh.

- New variables introduced. See variables
- Alias for zone names introduced. If filled, this name is used instead of the zone name.


- You can now change all fields in a zone. If the name is changed, a new zone is created when saving (copying)
- Profile and zone lists are now sorted alphabetically
- Radius limited to at least 50 meters due to PathSense radius
- The map now points to north
- Radius can now be adjusted on the map.
- Reintroduced accuracy
- The actual coordinates and location accuracy are now used for the tests
- The glasses symbol is the new test button
- In settings you can now reset the status of all zones to enter / leave


- No more migration from old versions <= 1.5.5 to database. Reinstallation is then required.
- Removed GPS polling
- Hidden zones are not longer supported

24.01.2016 - Version 2.0.8

Version 2.0.8:
- Bugfixing. App crashed, when calling map on devices with Android 4.x

20.01.2016 - Version 2.0.7

Version 2.0.7:
- Now you may adjust the radius on the map
- Fixed smal bugs

06.01.2016 - Version 2.0.6

Version 2.0.6:
- Accuracy is back at user request

03.01.2016 - Version 2.0.5

Version 2.0.5:
- New: Fallback for server calls
- Repaired retrys
- GCM adapted to new Google API
- Removed accuracy feature, because not effective
- Fixed spelling in log texts

06.10.2015 - Version 2.0.4

Version 2.0.4:
- EgiGeoZone is now plugin capable. Developers can now create plugins for EgiGeoZone. Once an event occurs, certain parameters of the event are forwarded to the plugins.
- Experimental: Accuracy introduced. This involves the location accuracy to be improved. You should take an accuracy less then the radius.
- Vibration CheckBox introduced in sound for "More Actions".

16.08.2015 - Version 2.0.3

- Retry of the last server call of a zone, if no internet connection was available. The app remembers the last server call of a zone and when the internet connection is back, the retrys are executed.
- Optimized database hits.
- Changed a few symbols.
- Date in sending over Fhem URL conformed of version 1.1.2.
- Repaired logging.

15.07.2015 - Version 2.0.2

- Bugfixing saving settings under administration and "Profiles for more actions".

12.07.2015 - Version 2.0.1

- Bugfixing in exporting and importing configuration

11.07.2015 - Version 2.0.0

- Data management (configurations) has been converted to database. When you install (migrate) this version, the configurations are transferred to the database.
Similarly, the old actions are taken in profiles and assigned to zones automatically.
The profiles are automatically assigned names. These names can be adjusted afterwards.
- So there is no conflict with old export files, a database export will be created in the file named egigeozone_db_export.xml.
- Profiles (configurations) have been introduced. This means that for server settings, SMS settings, e-mail settings, "more actions" and conditions
custom profiles have to be created. These can then be assigned to the different zones.
- The switch to activate / deactivate a configuration was removed by popular demand.
- SMS and emails can now be send separately when entering and / or leaving a zone. To display the zone name, the entering and the leaving of the zone and other parameters, you have to use the variable parameters (see manual).
Example of SMS:
Egmont has just ${transition} ${zone}.
Egmont has just entered work.
- Design changed.
- Test results are now displayed in a dialog window.
- Procedure so Geofences survive a reboot of the device, has been optimized.
- Updated icons / symbols.
- Log file can now be deleted within app.
- Error notification made legible.
- Improved error message for server connections.

21.05.2015 - Version 1.5.5

- Zone status: now you can see in which zone you stand directly in the zone list
- Bugfixing:
    * Sometimes problem calling Tasker under Lollipop (Android 5)
    * Additional headers at server call

20.02.2015 - Version 1.5.0

- Added Netherlandic language package
- Using now new modified Google Play Services Api

16.02.2015 - Version 1.4.9

 - Problem in Dutch language package. Switched back to English. Dutch will come soon.

13.02.2015 - Version 1.4.8

- Fixing bug introduced with version 1.4.7

13.02.2015 - Version 1.4.7

- Call of predefined 'Tasker' tasks.

08.01.2015 - Version 1.4.6

- Bugfixing in import of the GCM settings.

04.01.2015 - Version 1.4.5

- You can now log the GCM notifications to the file gcmnotifications.txt in the egigeozone directory. Also you can show the GCM log from the app. You can find this all under the Administrations menu.
- Improved search field in map view.

02.01.2015 - Version 1.4.4

- Weekdays as condition - The Events will be triggered only for the marked days. But the notfication will be shown as usual, if the notification is requested.
- Bugfixing

22.11.2014 - Version 1.4.3

- EgiGeoZone now supports export and import of the configuration to and from Dropbox, Google Drive and others.

10.11.2014 - Version 1.4.2

- Customizable sound for GCM: attr gcm playSound false/true
  You have to download the new modul from

27.10.2014 - Version 1.4.1


- bug fix: Problem when searching on map.
- bug fix: Problem setting WIFI off.

18.09.2014 - Version 1.4.0

- Receiving notifications over GCM, also called push messages. These were implemented as gcmsend interface known from the FHEM server , which was originally developed for the andFHEM App. After consultation with the developers of gcmsend, EgiGeoZone can also use this module. So you can get push notification in nearly live time for example from your server.
- Means:
* Users of FHEM server can configure the module gcmsend and can send push messages to the smartphone/tablet. Gcmsend knows the message types and message and notify. Both message types are displayed in EgiGeoZone as a notification with the appropriate content.
* Other servers have to implement the gcmsend interface.
- It is also conceivable a push message to execute commands on the phone.
- Possible scenarios in which FHEM sends gcmsend a push message to the mobile device:
* Alarm is triggered in FHEM.
* Temperature drops below a specified value.
* Water alarm
* Someone rings the door
* Etc.

- Send log file to the developer if needed.

08.09.2014 - Version 1.3.5

- In the map you can now search for addresses. In case of multiple matches, the first three hits are marked on the map. Similarly, you can now switch the map to satellite view and back to normal view.
- You can now define in the App conditions when entering / exiting. These conditions are strictly defined in the app and can be configured. To execute the selected actions, these requirements must be met. Regardless of notifications are still displayed if they are enabled. Such is the first "condition" means that the actions should only be performed when a given Bluetooth device with the smartphone / tablet is connected. Therefore one must choose under conditions a Bluetooth device. To view the list of BT devices, BT must be enabled. If this is not the case, the activate app BT briefly and then turn it off again. For this condition is met later at execution time, the appropriate unit must be connected via BT.
- Other requirements, if necessary follow.

09.08.2014 - Version 1.3.4


- When you click Apply, the settings under Server, SMS, Email and actions are now saved immediately and it does not have to be clicked on Change.
- Fix initializing the Bluetooth settings.

05.07.2014 - Version 1.3.3

   Bluetooth ein- oder ausschalten
- Since I've noticed that some units were excluded from the new updates from Google Play, I will make the app compatible with these devices.
Specifically devices were excluded, which have no integrated telephone module (tablets) or no Wifi.
Telephone module (sending SMS) was introduced with 1.2.1. Meant no update for devices that have version 1.1.4 installed.
Wifi / WLAN with version 1.3.0 (WLan switch on or off respectively. Meant no update for devices that have version 1.2.4 installed.
These devices will get the update from 1.3.3 again from the Google Play Store an update. Even new devices without these modules can install the new app.
For the curious: power status today 549 more devices!
- Side Menu: optimized behavior

No translation from here :-)

02.07.2014 - Version 1.3.2

   Unter Info ist am Ende ein klickbarer Link zum EgiGeoZone-Forum zu finden.
   Bug im Export behoben, wenn Felder leer waren.
   GeofenceUpdate aus Version 1.3.1 einmal in der Stunde deaktiviert, da kein Erfolg.

17.06.2014 - unveröffentlichte Version 1.3.1

   Testweise GeofenceUpdate einmal in der Stunde, da ein Benutzer meldete, dass die App nach einiger Zeit aufhört Events zu erzeugen.

16.06.2014 - Version 1.3.0

   WLAN und Ton ein- oder ausschalten
      Über "Weitere Aktionen" kann man nun beim Betreten oder Verlassen einer Zone WLAN und Ton ein- oder ausschalten.
                Achtung: Beim Deaktivieren von WLAN kann es zu Behinderungen in der Erkennung der GeoZonen kommen.
                Schalten Sie WLAN in Verbindung mit Geofencing nur aus, wenn Sie als Ersatz GPS verwenden und dieser auch emfangbar ist!
   Export/Import der Konfiguration
      Ist unter Verwaltung zu finden. Exportdatei wird unter "interner Speicher"/egigeozone/egigeozone_export.xml gespeichert
   Verstecken von Zonen
      Der Zonenname muss mit =#= beginnen.
      Zum Bearbeiten der versteckten Zonen muss unter Info 5 mal auf das grüne Symbol geklickt werden.
      Zum wieder verstecken einmal nach Info gehen und verlassen.
      Achtung: Für versteckte Zonen werden keine Benachrichtigungen angezeigt, aber ansonsten werden alle Aktionen ausgeführt!
   Menü umorganisiert:
      Einstellungen sind nun unter Verwaltung (Rädchen oben rechts oder unter den Zonen) zu finden.
      Neues + Symbol zu anlegen einer Zone (oben rechts neben dem Verwaltungsrädchen).
      Debug level heißt nun Log-Level
      Ins Verwaltungsmenü sind nun gerutscht:
         Log-Datei anschauen
         Log-Level einstellen
         Exportieren und Importieren der Konfiguration. Passwörter werden verschlüsselt.
            Dabei ist "Konfigurationsabbild" (Dump) nach Datei "interner Speicher"/egigeozone/settings.txt weggefallen, da die Daten nun in der Export-Datei zu finden sind.
      Hilfe und Info findet man nun unterhalb der Zonen. Die Version ist nun unter Info zu finden. Daher ist der Menüpunkt Version entfallen.

   Menüpunkt Alle Zonen löschen entfernt, da nicht sinnvoll.
   Passwort für ClientZertifikat kann nun leer sein.
   App wir beim Neustart des Smartphones in den Hintergrund gelegt

21.05.2014 - Version 1.2.4

- Button zum Testen der Verbindung mit den aktuellen Einstellungen jeweils für Email, SMS und Serveranfragen
- Log-Ausgaben erhöht. Dazu Debug level auf DEBUG oder INFO setzen.
- Menü: "Letzte Log-Datei anzeigen". Es werden 512 MB große Log-Dateien geschrieben. Die letzte davon kann nun direkt angezeigt werden.
- Menü: "Konfigurationsabbild" (Dump) nach Datei "interner Speicher"/egigeozone/settings.txt erzeugen.
- Android Permission VIBRATE

13.05.2014 - Version 1.2.3

- Einstellungen: Benachrichtigungen ein- oder ausschalten
- Einstellungen: Fehlerbenachrichtigungen ein- oder ausschalten
- Servereinstellungen: Timeout einstellbar (default 30 Sekunden)
- Variable Parameter auch in den URLs Betreten und Verlassen (wie bei EMail und SMS). Nicht in der "URL FHEM Geofancy"      

28.04.2014 - Version 1.2.2

- Schalter für SSL bei Email eingeführt. (Z.B. für GMail über Port 465)
- Beim Reboot werden die Zonen registriert, aber die Aktionen werden nicht mehr ausgeführt. Dafür wird die App automatisch gestartet!

27.04.2014 - Version 1.2.0/1.2.1

- Fehler bei Reboot behoben: App wird beim Booten gestartet und somit werden die Zonen wieder registriert.
- Timeout von 15 auf 30 Sekunden erhöht.
- Server Parameter auf eigener Seite.      
- Neu: EMail
- Neu: SMS
- Variable Parameter zur Verwendung in EMail und SMS. Platzhalter dazu:
* GeoZone = ${zone}
* Betreten/Verlassen = ${transition}
* Breitengrad = ${latitude}
* Längengrad = ${longitude}
* Radius = ${radius}
* DeviceId = ${deviceId}
* AndroidId = ${androidId}

21.04.2014 - Version 1.1.4

- Diverse Fehler behoben.
- Bei Neuanlage: Standard Location gesetzt, wenn die eigene Location nicht ermittelt werden konnte.
- Anzeigen, wenn aktueller Standort nicht ermittelt werden konnte.
- Gespeicherte Zonen beim Reboot oder Neustart der App. wieder den Google Services bekannt machen.
- Ausgabe des Results nach Get im Log.   

15.04.2014 - Version 1.1.2/1.1.3

- Broadcast anstatt IntentService
- Sonderzeichen in URL erlauben (Leerzeichen)
- Mehrfachaufruf des Broadcasts unterbunden

14.04.2014 - Version 1.1.1

- Mehrere kleine Fehler im Dialog
- Map nicht mehr im Dialog anzeigen (nun Vollbild)
- SSL Hostnameverifier unterbunden

11.04.2014 - Version 1.1.0

- Übernahme von Koordinate aus Google Maps:      
* Karte an die richtige Stelle verschieben/zoomen und durch langes Tippen Koordinaten übernehmen.
* Marker an die gewünschte Stelle verschieben und dann darauf klicken. Es erscheint ein Info-Fenster. Wenn man dann da nochmals darauf klickt, werden die Koordinaten übernommen.
* Der Radius kann ich nicht graphisch vergrößert werden. Dieser muss noch manuell eingegeben werden.
- Verbesserung der Optik.
- Hinweisfenster beim Löschen einer Zone   

02.04.2014 - Version 1.0: Erste Version

- Erfassen von bis zu 100 GeoZonen (Geofences) mit Radiusangabe.
- Aufrufen beliebiger URLs beim Betreten und Verlassen einer Zone
- Basic Authentication
- SSL mit Client Zertifikat
- Standortkoordinaten können übernommen werden
- Notification beim Betreten und Verlassen einer Zone