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Privacy Policy

This privacy statement applies to the app EgiGeoZone Geofence and EgiGeoZone Geofence Bluetooth.

EgiGeoZone and EgiGeoZoneBT Apps do not collect personal data from the users and do not pass them on to third parties. Also, the app does not generate any statistics.

Description of the required Android permissions

Phone Calls
The authorization allows the app to determine, among other things, the telephone number and device ID
Usage: Used to determine the device ID. This is then sent to FHEM or other used servers to identify the user there.

Your messages
Sends SMS messages
Usage: Allows the app to send SMS messages. Charges may apply.

Your location
Allows the app to get your location.
Usage: Determining the location and the entry / exit of a Geozone (basic functionality of the app)

Allows the app to read and write to the SD card.
Usage: Read the certificates. Read and write the export / import file. Write, read and delete various log files

Your accounts
Gets accounts on the device
Usage: Export and import the configuration to e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.

Network communication
Call WLAN connections
Usage: Used to determine the location and used to start and stop Wlan

Retrieve data from the Internet
Usage: Various data are needed to display the map, search in the map, GCM, and so on
Read Google service configuration
Usage: For using Google services, such as Geofence service, GCM, and Google Maps
Pair with Bluetooth devices
Usage: Start and stop Bluetooth in "More Actions" (EgiGeoZone Geofence Bluetooth only)
Access Bluetooth settings
Usage: Used for reading and evaluating the Bluetooth configuration under the conditions (EgiGeoZone Geofence Bluetooth only)
Access to all networks
Usage: To check if Internet is available again. Thus one can repeat buffered server requests
Network connections
Usage: To check if Internet is available again. Thus one can repeat buffered server requests
Run at Startup
Usage: When you start (boot), the zones are passed to the Google Geofence service, since they are not noticed
Connect and disconnect WLAN connections
Usage: Starting and Stopping Wlan in "More Actions"
Vibration alarm control
: Start and stop vibration at "More Actions"
Turn off the sleep state
Usage: The device is only briefly awakened, so that actions can be started in the background


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via this e-mail info [at] address.